Dungeon tiles

Jan 31, 2010 at 3:59 PM

There are definitely users who will want to not just draw dungeon dimensions but place down dungeon tiles to build up a dungeon.

Right now we force tokens into square boundaries because we intend them for character markers only; eventually we should consider letting people import "tokens" that can be non-square - rectangular hallways and such.

The problem with not enforcing shape is then we're not also enforcing size, but maybe new token resizing functionality down the road will make it all work out. If not for that then we'd need a more complex token import screen or something.

Dungeon tiles also get me thinking about other functionality people want, like saving and loading a dungeon they've drawn ahead of time (xml serialization?), and importing sets of tokens/tiles instead of importing them one by one every time. Also, there's sort of the question of what tokens come "with" the program, especially since the ones we have in there now for test purposes are probably copyright violations unless it counts as fair use or something. It's probably bad that I've admitted that in writing.

So yeah, just something to think about for the future - not critical functionality we should worry about right away or anything.

Mar 24, 2010 at 10:43 PM

I was thinking, the token import window could have textboxes for width and height (in number of squares, or even pixels??) but it might start feeling too clunky to import a token - sometimes I think it's almost too clunky just to type in a name. Also, with drag-and-drop support in Silverlight (3? 4?) it would be nice to let users drag-and-drop tokens, but I guess we could still pop up a window to ask for name or size properties...